14 - 17 June

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What Is EXMATEC 2021 All About?

The conference EXMATEC 2021 is building on its successful history of biennial meetings targeting novel developments, improvements and applications of state-of-the-art advanced methods in fabrication as well as evaluation of various compound III-V and III-N semiconductors. The goal is to understand structural, electrical and related material properties in order to enhance lifetime, reliability, yield, reproducibility and ultimately performance.


The topics to be addressed include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:


  • Advanced Characterization Techniques

  • Defects

  • Bulk & Epitaxial Growth

  • Low Dimensional Semiconductor Systems

  • III-Vs, III-Ns, II-VIs, SiC, SiGe

  • Nanostructures (Physics & Materials)

  • Interfaces & Heterostructures

  • Reliability Issues (Physics of Failure and Degradation Mechanisms)

  • Photovoltaics (Materials & Technology)

  • Optoelectronic Materials

  • RF and Power Electronic Materials

The EXMATEC has a rich and fruitful history starting in 1992. It was lately hosted all over Europe in Cadiz, Spain (2006), Lodz, Poland (2008), Darmstadt, Germany (2010), Porquerolles, France (2012), Delphi, Greece (2014), Aveiro, Portugal (2016) and Bucharest, Romania (2018).


Vanya Darakchieva

Uni. of Linköping, Sweden

Eva Monroy

CEA, France

N. Ben Sedrine

Uni. of Aveiro, Portugal

Zlatko Sitar


David Eon

NEEL, France

Henri Happy

IEMN, France

Masataka Higashiwaki

NICT, Japan

Raffaella Lo Nigro

CNR, Italy

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7 April 2021

Extended deadline for short abstract submission

9 April 2021

Notification of acceptance

23 April 2021

Early registration deadline with reduced fees

30 April 2021

Extended abstract submission deadline



14 June


Opening & Ga2O3 power electronics

Early Afternoon

GaN and SiC power electronics

Late Afternoon

GaN and GaAs RF electronics


15 June


GaN RF and microwave electronics

Early Afternoon

2D materials and electronics

Late Afternoon

Vertical and next generation electronics


16 June


New materials and defects

Early Afternoon

Light-emitting materials

Late Afternoon

Low dimensional materials and devices


17 June


Diamond materials and devices

Early Afternoon

Materials and device surface/interfaces

Late Afternoon

New materials & Closing

Conference Chairman

Martin Kuball - University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Local Arrangement Chair

Dong Liu - University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Operations Manager

Markus Wohlfahrt - University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Steering Committee

Daniel Alquier - Université de Tours, France 

Daniel Araujo - University of Cadiz, Spain 
Martina Baeumler - Fraunhofer IAF, Germany 
Jean Camassel - Montpellier 2 University, France 
Yvon Cordier - CNRS-CRHEA, France

Mircea Dragoman - National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies, Bucharest

Eleftherios Iliopoulos - University of Crete, Greece 
Leszek Konczewicz - Montpellier 2 University, France 
Mike Leszczynski - Unipress, PAS. Poland

Katharina Lorenz - Instituto Superior Técnico and INESC-MN, Portugal 
Zbigniew Lisik - TU Lodz, Poland 
Koichi Maezawa - Univ. Toyama, Japan

Teresa Monteiro - University of Aveiro, Portugal 
Dimitris Pavlidis - Florida International University, USA 
Fabrizio Roccaforte - CNR-IMM, Italy 
Zlatko Sitar - North Carolina State University, USA 
Károly Somogyi - Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary